Our 6061-T6 aluminum driveshafts are the perfect upgrade for your show car or high performance ride. Lightweight, Reliable, And most importantly STRONG. Our heavy duty aluminum series is fully polish able and comes with heavy duty non-greasable u-joints (The best on the market) lasting upwards of 100,000 miles. Our driveshafts are offered in 3-5in diamiters diamiter 

3in - 54" CTC MAX      -       1310-1350

3.5in - 64" CTC MAX   -       1310-1350

4in - 72" CTC MAX      -       1330-1410

5in - 86" CTC MAX      -       1410-1480


All driveshafts are .125 wall 6061-T6 aluminum and are fully polishable.  

Have a high horsepower disel ? We can build one piece aluminum driveshafts to eliminate the carrier bearing and save on weight! We currently have these driveshafts in Chevy DURAMAX trucks AS well as Dodge CUMMINS and Ford POWERSTROKE trucks and havent had a single problem we offer 1480 upgrades for slip yokes snd pinion yokes.


we are not liable for 2 piece conversion driveshafts